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 Carlton Club - meeting in 1922
  - brief history
 Carlton House (1783-1827)
 Carlyle, Thomas
  - London Library
  - and Julia Margaret Cameron
  - and Work
 Carmona, António - president of Portugal
 Carnarvon, earl of - and Tutankhamen
 Carnaby Street
 Carnatic - French and English rivalry
 Carnegie, Andrew
 Carnot, Lazare - and conscription
 Carol I - king of Romania
 Carolina - North and South as colonies
 Caroline (the term)
 Caroline, Queen - and Hyde Park
  - and White Lodge
 Caroline of Anspach - and George II
 Caroline of Brunswick - and George IV
 Carolingian minuscule - in calligraphy
 Carolingian Renaissance - centre at Aachen
 carols (in Britain)
 carpetbaggers - in the 1870s
 carpet pages - in Celtic manuscripts
 Carr, John
  - Buxton
  - Doncaster
 Carr, Robert - and James I
 Carracci, Annibale - and the Farnese palace
 Carrell, Alexis - and suture of blood vessels
  - and transplant surgery
 carrack - sailing ship of the 15th century
 Carranza, Venustiano - president of Mexico
 Carrara - and Padua
 Carrera, Rafael - president of Guatemala
 Carreras, José - and Rothmans
 Carrhae - Parthian victory over Romans
  - recovery of the standards
 Carrick, John - tenements in Glasgow
 Carrickfergus - captured by Edward Bruce
  - brief description
 Carrington, Peter - and Falkland Islands
 Carroll, Lewis
 Carry On series
 Carson, Edward - and the Ulster Volunteers
  - and the Home Rule Act of 1914
  - coalition of 1916
  - brief biography
 cart - first known example
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