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 Canning, George - as foreign minister
  - and Greek independence
  - brief biography
  - and Castlereagh
 Cannock Chase
 cannon - the first
  - at Calais in 1346
 Cano, Juan Sebastiano del - sails round world
 canopic jars - in Egyptian tombs
  - related items
 Canossa - and Henry IV
 Canova, Antonio
  - Woburn Abbey
 Cánovas, Antonio - prime minister of Spain
 Canterbury - as capital of British tribal ruler
  - arrival of Augustine in AD 597
  - clay from which Adam was made
  - brief history
  - Cricket Week from 1842
 Canterbury, Archbishop of
 Canterbury Tales - by Chaucer
  - brief account
 Canterbury Tales - and Caxton
 Canton - in Song dynasty
 Cantuar - Archbishop of Canterbury
 Canute, king of England and Denmark
  - brief biography
  - turning back the waves
 canvas - as surface for painting
 'Can you hear me, mother?'
 capacitor - pioneered in the Leyden jar
 Cape Breton - and Louisbourg
  - colony from 1784 to 1820
 Cape Cod - and the Pilgrim Fathers
 Cape Cross - reached by Diogo Cam
 Capella Palatina - in Palermo
 Cape Mesurado - and Liberia
 Cape of Good Hope - claimed for Portugal
 Cape St Vincent - battle in 1797
  - battle in 1833
 Capetian dynasty - origin of name
  - in the direct line
 Cape Town - and Jan van Riebeeck
  - ceded to Britain
  - as legislative capital
 Cape Verde Islands - settled by Portuguese
  - and the Tordesillas Line
 Cape Wrath
 capillaries - observed by Malpighi
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