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 Butler, Eleanor - Llangollen
 Butler, Rab - and Butskellism
  - brief biography
 Butler, Samuel (author of Erewhon)
 Butler family - earls of Ormonde
 Butt, Isaac - and Home Rule
 Buttall, Jonathan - The Blue Boy
 Butterfield, William
 butterscotch - sweets in Britain
 Buttevant church - and steeplechasing
 butty, in northern England
 Buxton, Derbyshire
 Buyoya, Pierre - president of Burundi
 Byblos - and Phoenician ships
 Byerley Turk - and the stud book
  - thorougbreds
 Byrd, William
 Byng, Admiral - and Minorca
  - brief biography
 Byron, Lord - and pugilism
  - in Greece in 1823-4
  - brief biography
  - and Albany
  - and Harrow
 Byzantine churches - architecture
  - tour through time
  - and trading concession to Venice
 Byzantium - founded as Greek colony
  - liberated from Persia in 478 BC
  - and Philip of Macedon
  - becomes Constantinople
 cabal (reign of Charles II)
 cabinet in Britain
 cabinet of curiosities - Ashmolean Museum
 Cabinet War Rooms
 Cabot, John - and Henry VII
  - brief biography
 Cabot, Sebastian - and Bristol
 Cabot Strait - strategic importance
 Cabral, Amílcar - and the PAIGC
 Cabral, Luis de - in Guinea-Bissau
 Cabral, Pedro - at Calicut
 Cabrera, Manuel Estrada - and Guatemala
 Cacafuego - seized by Drake
 Cadbury Castle - and Camelot
 Cadbury Schweppes
 Cade, Jack
 Cadell, F.C.B. - Scottish Colourist
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