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 Brideshead Revisited
 brides in the bath
 bridge - developing from whist
 Bridge, Frank
 Bridgeman, Charles - Claremont
  - Pope's villa
  - Stowe
 Bridge on the River Kwai - brief account of film,1957
 Bridgettine nuns - and Henry V
 Bridgewater canal - and James Brindley
 Bridie, James - Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
 Brief Encounter - brief account of film, 1946
 Brief Lives (Aubrey)
 Brigadier Gerard (foaled 1968)
 Brighouse and Rastrick (brass band)
 Bright, John - the 'mother of parliaments'
  - and the Corn Laws
  - brief biography
 Bright, Richard - Guy's Hospital
 Brighton (Sussex)
 Brighton Rock (Greene)
 Brighton Run (veteran cars)
 Brig o' Balgownie
 Brill - captured by sea beggars
 Brindley, James
  - brief biography
  - Cheddleton Flint Mill
 Brink's-Mat (theft in 1983)
 Brisbane - founded in 1824
 Briseis - in the Iliad
 Bristol - and the triangular trade
  - and Chatterton
  - brief history
 Bristol, earl of - and Ickworth
  - visited by Pytheas
  - Caesar's incursions in 55-4 BC
  - Roman conquest
  - and Roman cities
  - union of England and Wales
  - union of England and Ireland
  - union of Britain and Ireland
  - secession of Irish Free State
 Britannia (as symbol)
 Britannia - Roman province
 Britannia - royal yacht
  - brief description
 Britannia, HMS - at Dartmouth
 Britannia, SS - Atlantic crossing
 Britannicus - son of Claudius
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