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 Boswell, James
  - brief biography
  - at the Mitre tavern
  - in The Club
  - uses condoms
 Bosworth Field - battle in 1485
  - brief account
 botanic gardens - in Britain
  - in India
 botany - becomes an academic subject
 Botha, Louis - in South Africa
  - and South West Africa in 1915
 Botha, P.W. - in South Africa
 Bothwell, earl of - and Mary Queen of Scots
  - and the Casket Letters
  - Hermitage Castle
  - and South Africa in the 1980s
  - and Britain
 Botticelli - Birth of Venus and Primavera
 Boucher, François
 Boudicca - British queen
  - brief account
 boule - the council in Athens
  - possibly founded by Solon
 Boulsover, Thomas - Sheffield plate
 Boult, Adrian
  - and the CBSO
 Boulting brothers
 Boulton, Harold - Skye Boat Song
 Boulton, Matthew - and James Watt
  - and John Wilkinson
  - brief biography
 Boulton and Watt - engines for industry
 Boumedienne, Houari - in Algeria
 Bourbons - and the Reformation in France
  - on throne of France
  - on throne of Spain
  - in Naples and Sicily
 Bourgeois, Francis - and Dulwich Art Gallery
 Bourgeois, Louise - royal midwife
 Bourgeois Gentilhomme - by Molière
 Bourges - the pragmatic sanction of 1438
  - and Charles VII
  - Palace of Jacques Coeur
 Bourguiba, Habib
 Bouteflika, Abdelaziz - in Algeria
 Bouvet - French battleship
 Bovington Camp - tank museum
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