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 Bloomsbury Group
  - and Virginia Woolf
 Blore, Edward - Buckingham Palace
 Bloukrans river - massacre in 1838
 Blücher - German battle cruiser
 Blücher - steam locomotive
 Blücher, Gebhard von - Prussian general
  - in 1814 advance on Paris
  - and the build-up to Waterloo
 blue-and-white pottery - China and Delft
 Bluebell Girls
 Bluebird - and Malcolm Campbell
  - and Donald Campbell
 blue book - in British legislation
 Blue Boy (Gainsborough)
 Blue-Coat Schools
 Blue Cross
 Blue Guides
 blue john (Peak District)
 Blue Mosque - in Istanbul
 Blue Nile - source in Lake Tana
 Blue Peter (TV programme)
 blue plaques (London)
 Blues - faction in Constantinople
 Blues and Royals - Household Cavalry
 bluestocking (origin)
 Blue Vinney
 Blum-Violette plan - for Algeria in 1936
 Blyton, Enid
  - Famous Five
 BNF - Botswana National Front
 BNP - Basutoland National Party
 Boabdil - last king of Granada
 board games - related items
 Board of Ordnance - and Crimean War
 Board of Trade (in Britain)
 Boat Race (Oxford and Cambridge)
  - origins and development
  - tour through time
 Bobbio - and St Columban
 bobby (or policeman)
  - and Robert Peel
  - and Metropolitan Police
 Bobby Shafto (nursery rhyme)
  - and Petrarch
  - and the Black Death in Florence
  - on the Black Death
 Bochoris - defeated by Shabaka
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