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 Blair, Tony
  - and the northern Irish peace process
  - brief biography
 Blair Castle
 Blake, Peter - pop art
 Blake, Robert - English admiral
  - and naval tactics
  - at Santa Cruz
 Blake, William
  - and Art Nouveau
  - and Fuseli
  - selected paintings to 1800
  - selected paintings after 1800
  - selected hand-coloured etchings
  - large colour prints (the Lambeth prints)
  - illustrations to Paradise Lost
 Blanchard, Jean Pierre - balloonist
 Blanco, Salvador - in Dominican Republic
 Blancos - in Uruguay
 blank verse - in English poetry
  - brief account
 Blantyre - Livingstone birthplace
 Blantyre - established in Nyasaland in 1876
 Blaurock, Georg - and Anabaptism
 blazing a trail - in the settlement of America
 Bleak House
 Bleda - leader of the Huns
 bleeding - as a basic remedy
 Blenheim - battle in 1704
  - brief account
 Blenheim bomber
 Blenheim Palace - and baroque architecture
  - brief description
 Blesberg - and the Great Trek
 Bletchley Park - and codebreaking
  - and Alan Turing
 Blickling Hall, Norfolk
 Bligh, Captain
 Blimp, Colonel
 Blind Girl, The (Millais)
 blindness - caused by gonorrhoea
 Bliss, Arthur
 Blitta - railway link to Lomé
 Blitz - on Britain in 1940-41
  - brief account
 blitzkrieg - in 1939-40
 bloater (smoked fish)
 block books - in 15th-century Europe
 Bloemfontein - conference in 1899
  - in the Boer War
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