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 Bermuda - settled in 1612
  - becomes a British colony
  - and Britain
 Bern - in the Reformation
  - assisting Geneva in 1536
 Bernadotte, Jean
 Bernard, Claude - ideas about death
 Bernard, St - of Clairvaux
  - and Abelard
  - and Dante
  - on sculpted monsters
 Bernini, Giovanni Lorenzo
  - and the St Peter's colonnade
 Berry, Agnes and Mary - and Dickens
 Berry, duke of - Très Riches Heures
 Berry, duke of - assassinated in 1820
 Bertha - and St Augustine
 Bertram Mills
 Berwick-upon-Tweed - massacre in 1296
  - brief history of town
 Besant, Annie
 Bessemer, Henry
 Besses o' th' Barn - brass bands
 Bess of Hardwick
 Best, Charles - discovers insulin
  - purifies heparin
 'best-laid schemes' (Burns)
 Betancourt, Rómulo
 Béthencourt, Jean de - and the Canaries
 Bethlehem - birthplace of David
  - birth of Jesus
  - and Massacre of the Innocents
  - church built by Helena
  - and St Jerome
  - and the Persians in AD 614
 Bethlehem Chapel - and John Huss
  - the Four Articles of Prague
 Bethlehem Royal Hospital (Bedlam)
  - founded in London
  - conditions in 19th century
 Bethnal Green Museum
 Bethoc - mother of Duncan
 Betjeman, John
 'better 'ole'
 'better to have loved and lost'
 Bettes, John - English portrait painter
  - his son, also John Bettes
 Betty, Master William - as infant prodigy
 Bevan, Aneurin - and NHS
  - brief biography
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