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 Benedictines - monastic order
 Benenson, Peter - Amnesty International
 Benevento - battle in 1266
 benevolences - as a form of tax
 Bengal - and Clive
 Benghazi - bombed by US in 1986
 Benguela - Portuguese fort in 1587
  - railway to Katanga
 Beni Hasan - Egyptian tomb paintings
 Benin - ancient kingdom in Africa
  - extent of the kingdom
  - brass sculpture
 Benin City - attacked and burnt by British
 Benjamin - tribe of
 Bennett, Arnold
  - the Five Towns
 Bennett Monolith - from Tiwanaku
 Ben Nevis
 Benson, A.C. - Land of Hope and Glory
 Bentham, Jeremy
  - the panopticon
 Bentley, Edmund Clerihew
 Bentley, John F. - Westminster Cathedral
 Bentley sports car
 Benwell - site of Roman hospital
 benzodiazepines - history and use
  - brief account
 Berbers - in north Africa
  - becoming Muslims
  - the Almoravids
  - the Almohads
  - the Hafsids
  - the Marinids
 Berchtesgaden - Hitler and Schuschnigg in 1938
 Beresford, Elizabeth - Wombles
 Beresford, Jack
 Bergamo - and Venice in 1428
 Bergen Collection of studio pottery - Potteries Museum
 Berger, Hans - research using EEG
 Bering, Vitus - Danish explorer
 Bering Land Bridge - crossed by humans
 Berke - successor to Batu
 Berkeley (village) - and Jenner
 Berkeley, George
  - empiricism
 Berkeley, Lennox
 Berkeley Castle
  - and Edward II
 Berkeley Square
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