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 Beardsley, Aubrey
  - and Art Nouveau
 beating the bounds
 Beatles - and Australopithecus Lucy
  - and Abbey Road
 Beato, Felice - war photographer
 Beaton, Cecil
 Beaton, David - Scottish cardinal
 Beatrice - and Dante
 Beatriz - heiress to the throne of Portugal
 Beatty, Earl
 Beauchamp, Pierre - choreographer
 Beaufort, Joan - and James I
 Beaufort hunt - and Badminton House
 Beaufort Scale
 Beauharnais, Eugène de - in Italy
 Beaujoyeulx, Baltazar de - and ballet
 Beaulieu (Hants)
 Beaumarchais, Pierre-Augustin Caron de
 Beaumaris - castle built by Edward I
  - brief description
 Beaumont, Guillaume - and Levens Hall gardens
 Beaumont and Fletcher - Jacobean playwrights
 Beaux Stratagem, The (Farquhar)
 Beaverbrook, Lord
  - Daily Express
 Becher, Captain - Grand National
 Becher, Johann Joachim - and phlogiston
 Bechuanaland - crown colony from 1885
 Becket, Thomas
  - brief biography
 Beckford, William
 Beckford's Tower (Bath)
 Bedales (school)
 Bede, the Venerable
  - in Anglo-Saxon
  - brief biography
 Bedford - and John Bunyan
  - brief description
 Bedford gaol - and John Howard
 Bedgebury National Pinetum
 Bedié, Henri Konan - in Ivory Coast
 Bedloe's Island - and the Statue of Liberty
 Bedouin - in Arabia
 Beecham, Thomas
 Beecham's Pills
 Beeching Report - on the railways
  - Tower of London
 beekeeping - origin
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