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 Batllé y Ordonez, José
 Battlistas - and the Colorados
 battering ram - and the Assyrians
 Battersea Dogs Home
 Battersea Power Station
 Battle Abbey
 Battle of the Books - by Swift
 Battle of Britain - in 1940
  - brief account
 Batu - grandson of Genghis Khan
 Baudouin, king of Belgium - and Congolese independence
 Bauhin, Gaspard - Swiss botanist
 Bavaria - and the Baivarii
  - incorporated in empire by Charlemagne
  - divided in 1329
  - and War of the Spanish Succession
  - reunited in 1777
  - kingdom from 1806
  - and the Confederation of the Rhine
  - declares war on France in 1813
  - and the German empire
 Bavarian Succession - war of 1778
 Bayard, Pierre de - French knight
 Bayazid I - Ottoman sultan
  - captured by Timur in 1402
 Bayazid II - and the Balkans
  - and the Jews
 Baybars - Mameluke general and sultan
 Bayeux tapestry - and Norman conquest
  - and Halley's comet
  - brief description
 Baylis, Lilian
 bayonet - introduction in France
 Bayonne - and the Spanish abdications
 Bazalgette, Joseph
  - and the Embankment
  - builds London's sewers
 BBC - and the General Strike
  - brief history of BBC
 BBC Orchestras
 BCG vaccine - development
 BCP - Basutoland Congress Party
 BDP - Botswana Democratic Party
 BEA - created from BOAC
 Beachy Head
 Beagle, HMS - and Darwin
 beagles - followed on foot
 Beaker people - in Britain
  - brief account
 Beale, Dorothea - and Cheltenham Ladies' College
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