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 Bar - of the House of Commons
 Bar, in British court of law
 Barakzai - tribe ruling in Afghanistan
  - settled in 1627
  - as thriving English colony
  - deportation from Ireland
  - and Britain
 Barbara Allen (in ballads)
 barbarian - in Indo-European languages
 Barbarians (Rugby union)
 Barbarossa - codename for invasion of Russia
 Barbarossa - Turkish corsair
  - and Nice in 1543
 Barbary coast - and Turkish corsairs
 barbed wire - on the plains of midwest USA
 Barberini palace - and Pietro da Cortona
 Barber Institute of Fine Arts
 barbers - linked with surgeons
 barber-surgeons - in 13th century Europe
  - in 16th century
 Barbican (London)
 Barbier de Séville - by Beaumarchais
 bar billiards
 Barbirolli, John
 Barbuda and Britain
 Barcelona - counts of
  - trade with the crusader kingdom
  - and banking
  - seized by French in 1808
  - riots in 1902 and 1909
 Barchester Towers
 Barclays Bank
 Barcoo river - and Burke and Wills
 Bar-Cochba - captures Jerusalem
 Bardi - banking family in Florence
 bardic tradition - in Welsh poetry
 Bardo - treaty of 1881
 bards - in ancient Greece
  - in Nordic tradition
  - in Celtic tradition
 Bardsey (Welsh island)
 Barebones Parliament - in 1653
  - brief account
 Barents, Willem - northeast passage
 Barghash - sultan of Zanzibar
 Barham, HMS - sunk in 1941
 Barham, R.H. - Ingoldsby Legends
 Baring, Evelyn - in Egypt
 Baring-Gould, Sabine - Onward, Christian Soldiers
 Barker, Thomas - of Bath
 barley sugar
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