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 Balfour, Arthur
  - foreign secretary in 1916
  - brief biography
 Balfour Declaration
 Bali - and Hinduism
  - falls to Japanese in 1942
  - tour through time
 Balkan Wars of 1912-13
 Balkh - and Arabs in 8th century
 Ball, John
 Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis - by Villon
 Ballad of Reading Gaol, The
 Ballantyne, Robert Michael
 Ballarat - and the gold rush
 Ballard, John - Babington Plot
 Balliol, Devorguilla de - Sweetheart Abbey
 Balliol, Edward de - and the Scottish throne
 Balliol, John de - king of Scots
  - brief biography
 ballista - in siege warfare
 ballistics - and Galileo
 balloon - hot air
  - hydrogen
  - flight from Paris in 1870
 ballot - secret
 Ballot Act - of 1872
 Balmaceda, José Manuel - in Chile
 Balmoral - built for Victoria and Albert
  - brief account
 Balon, Jean - dancer
 Baltic peoples - in the 2nd millennium BC
 Baltimore - and national convention in 1831
 Baltimore, Lord - and Maryland
 Balts - in northern Europe
 Bamako - captured by French in 1883
 Bamberg - and Albrecht Pfister
 Bamberg cathedral - equestrian figure
 bamboo books - in China
 Bambuk - African gold field
 Bamburgh (Northumberland)
 Bamiyan - and Buddhist sculpture
 bananas - transplanted to America
 Banat - and the Austrian empire
 Banbury (Oxon)
 Banco della Piazza di Rialto - in Venice in 1587
 Banco Giro - in Venice in 1617
 Banda, Hastings
 Bandar Abbas - founded by Shah Abbas
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