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 Ayr (Strathclyde)
 Azerbaijan - and Safavid dynasty
 Azhari, Ismail al- - Sudanese prime minister
 Azores - colonized by Portuguese
  - in the War of the Two Brothers
 Azov - and Peter the Great
  - returned to Turks in 1711
  - recovered by Russia in 1739
  - tour through time
  - and turkeys
 Aztlan - and the Aztecs
 B-29 bombers - and Japan
 Baa, baa, black sheep
 Baba - title of Ahmad Shah Durrani
 Babangida, Ibrahim - military ruler of Nigeria
 Babbage, Charles
 Babel - tower in Genesis
 Babenberg - first Austrian dynasty
 Babeuf, François - and the Directory
 Babington, Anthony - plot of 1586
  - brief account
  - tour through time
  - and banking
  - and early algebra
  - numerical system based on 60
  - and slavery
  - destroyed by Hittites
  - hanging gardens
  - glazed tiles
  - and Persian taxes
  - death of Alexander the Great
 Babylon - fortified town on site of Cairo
 Babylonian captivity - Jews in 6th century BC
 Baccarat Scandal
 Bacchae - tragedy by Euripides
 Bacchus - in The Lusiads
 Bacchus and Ariadne - by Titian
 Bach, C.P.E. - son of J.S. Bach
  - and Frederick the Great
 Bach, J.C. - son of J.S. Bach
  - brief biography
 Bach, Johann Sebastian
 Bach, Maria Barbara - and J.S. Bach
 backbencher (in parliament)
 backgammon - board found at Ur
 Bacon, Francis - and the essay
  - impeached in 1621
  - brief biography
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