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 Asantehene - king of the Ashanti
 Ascension Island and Britain
 Ascent of Man (television series)
 Ascham, Roger
 Asclepius - identified with health and healing
  - altars in Roman hospitals
 asepsis - development in 19th century
 ASH (Action on Smoking and Health)
 Ashanti - African empire in 18th century
  - as British crown colony
 Ashcroft, Peggy
 Ashdown - battle in 871
 Ashes, in Test cricket
 Ashford, Daisy - The Young Visiters
 Ash Grove (song)
 Ashikaga family - and the shogunate
 Ashkenazim - origin of word
 Ashmolean Museum
 ashramas - and Hindu hermits
 Ash-Shifa - by Avicenna
 Ashton, Frederick
 Ashur - and the Assyrians
 Ashurbanipal - king of Assyria
  - his library
  - his lion hunt
 Ashurnasirpal II - king of Assyria
  - tour through time
  - in Greek map of the world
 Asian community - in South Africa
 Ask - in Norse mythology
 Askey, Arthur
 Asmara - becomes capital of Eritrea
  - captured by British in 1941
  - and Buddhism
  - digits in inscriptions
 ASP - Afro-Shirazi party
 Aspern - battle in 1809
 Aspero - archaeological site in Peru
 aspirin - as an international word
  - world's most popular drug
 Asprucci, Mario - and Ickworth
 Asquith, Herbert
  - brief biography
 ass - domestication
 Assassins - the Nizari Ismaili sect
  - and Hulagu
  - crushed by Baybars
 assay office marks - and hallmarks
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