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 Arnhem - Allied reverse in 1944
  - brief account
 Arno - bridged at Florence in 1st century AD
 Arnold, Matthew
 Arnold, Thomas
  - Eminent Victorians
 Arnold, William - Montacute House
 Arnolfini, Giovanni - merchant in Bruges
 Arnolfini Marriage - by Jan van Eyck
  - and glazed windows
  - brief account
 Arpad - founder of Hungary
 arquebus - form of matchlock
 Arras - treaty of 1435
  - in World War I
 Arras, Union of - in 1579
 Arsaces I - and the Parthian dynasty
 Ars Amatoria - by Ovid
 Arsenal (football club)
 arsenic - as medicine and poison
  - treatment for leukaemia
 Ars Magna - by Cardano
 Ars Nova - by Philippe de Vitry
 Arsuf - battle in 1191
 Artari, Giuseppe - Orleans House
 Artaxerxes II - Persian emperor
 Art Deco
 Arteaga - and Machu Picchu
 Artemidorus - Greek geographer
 Artemis - temple at Ephesus
 Artemis, temple of in Sparta - ordeal by flogging
 Artemisia - and the Mausoleum
 Artevelde, Jacob van - brewer of Ghent
 art for art's sake - Aesthetic Movement
 Arthur - legendary British king
  - brief account
  - Excalibur
  - and Glastonbury
 Arthur - son of Henry VII and Elizabeth
  - marriage and death
 Arthurian legend
 Articles of Confederation - in 1781
 Articles of Marburg - in 1529
 Artigas, José Gervasio - in Uruguay
 artillery - the first
  - at Calais in 1346
  - light enough for battlefield
 Art Nouveau
 Art of Boxing - by Mendoza
 Art of Painting - by Vermeer
 Arts and Crafts Movement
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