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 ancient lights
 Ancient Mariner, The
 Ancients, The - and Samuel Palmer
 Ancoats Mill - early use of steam power
 Ancre, marquis d' - and Marie de Médicis
  - tour through time
 Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett
  - and obstetrics
 Anderson, Gerry and Sylvia - Thunderbirds
 Anderson, Robert - Scottish NPG
 Andrada e Silva, José de - and Pedro I
  - exiled in 1823
 Andrew I - alias Andrew Jackson
 Andrew II - king of Hungary
 Andrew III - king of Hungary
 Andrew, St
 Andrew Bogolyubski - prince of Vladimir
 Andrianampoinimerina - Merina king
 Andromache - tragedy by Euripides
 Andromaque - by Racine
 Androméde - and Giacomo Torelli
 Andronicos, Manolis - and Vergina
 Andronicus - editor of Aristotle
 Andruszow - truce of 1667
 And when did you last see your father?
 Andy Capp (cartoon)
 Anécho - German trading post in Togo
  - railway link to Lomé
 Angel, Islington
 Angel Choir - Lincoln cathedral
 Angelico, Fra - and San Marco
 Anger, Hal Oscar - develops gamma camera
 Angerstein, John Julius - National Gallery
 Angevins - and Sicily
 Anghiari - battle in 1440
  - and Leonardo da Vinci
 Angkor and Angkor Wat - in Cambodia
  - style of temple
  - abandoned as capital
 angle bastion - in Renaissance fortification
 Angles - invading Britain
  - brief account
 Anglesey - and Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
  - brief account
 Anglia (the term)
 Anglican church - and the Reformation
 Anglican Communion
 angling (in Britain)
 Anglo-Afghan War - of 1838-42
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