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 Anabaptists - in Zürich
  - and Pennsylvania
 Anabasis - by Xenophon
 anaemia - and 17th century treatment
 anaesthesia - discovery
 anaesthetic - in the 13th century
  - in 20th century
  - in childbirth
  - and hospital surgery
  - and intensive care units
  - development of local anaesthetic
  - intravenous and intramuscular
  - nerve block analgesia
  - pain clinics
  - and controlled death
  - and 'brain death'
  - and accusation of attempted rape
 Anagni - arrest of Boniface VIII
 Anasazi culture - of New Mexico
 Anastasia - wife of Ivan the Terrible
  - known also as Asia Minor
  - first Greek colonies
  - and the Seleucid empire
  - and the Seljuk Turks
 Anatomy Act (1832) - attempt to deter body-snatching
 Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp - Rembrandt
 Anaximander - Greek philosopher
 ANC (African National Congress)
  - in Northern Rhodesia
 ancestor worship - in primitive religion
  - in China
  - ceremony at the tomb
 ancien régime - in France
 ancient lights
 Ancient Mariner, The
 Ancients, The - and Samuel Palmer
 Ancoats Mill - early use of steam power
 Ancre, marquis d' - and Marie de Médicis
  - tour through time
 Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett
  - and obstetrics
 Anderson, Gerry and Sylvia - Thunderbirds
 Anderson, Robert - Scottish NPG
 Andrada e Silva, José de - and Pedro I
  - exiled in 1823
 Andrew I - alias Andrew Jackson
 Andrew II - king of Hungary
 Andrew III - king of Hungary
 Andrew, St
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