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 Amis, Kingsley
 Amithaba - known in Japan as Amida
 Amminius - son of Cymbeline
 amnesty - for generals in Argentina
  - for generals in Uruguay
 Amnesty International
 Amontons, Guillaume - and mercury
 Amores - by Ovid
 Amours - of Ronsard
 amphibians - in evolution
 amphibious warfare - in World War II
 Ampleforth College
 Ampulla, Holy - brought by Holy Spirit
 amputation - in 16th century
  - and infection
  - of Nelson's arm
  - at Waterloo
  - first under anaesthesia
  - during the First World War
  - in 20th century
  - prevented by penicillin
 Amritsar - holy city of the Sikhs
 Amsterdam - and banking
  - and religious freedom in 17th century
  - and Rembrandt
  - saved from French in 1672
 Amundsen, Roald - Northwest Passage
 Amyntas III - king of Macedonia
 Anabaptists - in Zürich
  - and Pennsylvania
 Anabasis - by Xenophon
 anaemia - and 17th century treatment
 anaesthesia - discovery
 anaesthetic - in the 13th century
  - in 20th century
  - in childbirth
  - and hospital surgery
  - and intensive care units
  - development of local anaesthetic
  - intravenous and intramuscular
  - nerve block analgesia
  - pain clinics
  - and controlled death
  - and 'brain death'
  - and accusation of attempted rape
 Anagni - arrest of Boniface VIII
 Anasazi culture - of New Mexico
 Anastasia - wife of Ivan the Terrible
  - known also as Asia Minor
  - first Greek colonies
  - and the Seleucid empire
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