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 Alfred the Great
  - at the battle of Ashdown
  - brief biography
  - and the Alfred Jewel
 Alfred Jewel
 algae - in evolution
 Algardi, Alessandro - and portrait busts
 algebra - origin of word
  - in Babylon and Egypt
 Algeciras - conference in 1905
  - tour through time (from 1827)
  - border dispute with Morocco
 Algiers - Allied landing in 1942
  - the Secotan and the English
 Alhambra - in Granada
 Ali - son-in-law of Muhammad
  - selected as the fourth caliph
 Alianza Popular Revolucionaria - and Haya
 Ali Baba - in the Arabian Nights
  - brief account
 Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
 Aljubarrota - battle in 1385
 alkalosis - and blood gas analysis
 al-Khwarizmi - and algebra
 Alkmaar - dikes breached in 1573
 Al-Kulliyyat - by Averroës
 Allegory with Venus and Cupid - Bronzino
 L'Allegro - by Milton
 Allen, Gubby
 Allen, William - and Douai
 Allen and Hanbury's - and Glaxo
 Allenby, Edmund - captures Jerusalem
  - captures Damascus
  - brief biography
 Allende, Salvador
 All England Badminton Championship
 Alley, Richard G. - Why did Napoleon attack Russia?
 Alleyn, Edward - and Marlowe
  - and Dulwich College
  - brief biography
 Allgemeines Krankenhaus - founded in Vienna
 Allhallows even - or Hallowe'en
 Allhallows Museum - Honiton
 Alliance (British politics 1983--7)
 Alliance Assurance - and Sun Alliance
 Allies, in the World Wars
 Allison, Richard - Science Museum
 alliteration - in Nordic verse
 alliterative verse - in English literature
  - brief description
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