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 Alexander - son of Antony and Cleopatra
 Alexander I, emperor of Russia
  - and Finland in 1808-9
 Alexander I, king of Scotland
 Alexander II, emperor of Russia
 Alexander II, king of Scotland
 Alexander III - emperor of Russia
  - and Bulgaria in 1886
 Alexander III - king of Scotland
  - brief biography
  - battle of Largs
 Alexander IV - and Augustinian friars
 Alexander V - antipope during Great Schism
 Alexander VI - as Renaissance pope
  - and Savonarola
  - and the Tordesillas Line
  - tour through time
  - and the phalanx
  - and Darius in mosaic
  - related items
 Alexander, Cecil Frances
 Alexander, Harold - in north Africa
  - brief biography
 Alexander, William - on the Macartney embassy
 Alexander Nevsky - victory on the ice
  - and the Golden Horde
 Alexander of Battenberg - and Bulgaria
 Alexandra - empress of Russia
 Alexandra of Denmark - and Edward VII
 Alexandra Palace
  - tour through time
  - the library
  - lighthouse
  - earliest evidence of a synagogue
  - and Artemidorus
  - and Caesar
  - as Christian centre
  - surrendered to Arabs in 642
  - taken by Napoleon in 1798
  - recovery in the 19th century
  - Italian frogmen in 1941
 Alexandria Quartet (Durrell)
 alexandrine - in French classical verse
 Alexandropolis - in Thrace
 Alexis - tsar of Russia
  - and Nikon
 Alexis - son of Peter the Great
 Alexis - son of Nicholas II
 Alexius IV
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