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 Albert - archbishop of Mainz
 Albert - first Hohenzollern duke of Prussia
 Albert I - German king
 Albert, Lake - and the Bakers in 1864
 Albert, Prince Consort
  - brief biography
  - and the Christmas tree
  - death from typhoid
  - related images
 Albert Hall
  - and the Chelsea Arts Ball
 Albert Memorial (London)
 Albert Memorial Chapel (Windsor)
 Albert of Buxhoevden - bishop of Riga
 Albert of Mecklenburg - king of Sweden
 Alberta - province of Canada from 1905
 Alberti, Leon Battista - on revival of the arts
  - and perspective
 Albertus Magnus - and scholasticism
 Albigenses - alternative name of Cathars
 Albigensian crusade - of 1208-55
 Albreda - on the Gambia
 Albucasis - western name for Abul Kasim
 Albuquerque, Afonso de - viceroy of India
 Alburkah - to the Niger in 1832
 Alcáçovas - treaty of 1480
 Alcántara - the Roman bridge
 Alcazarquivir - battle in 1578
 Alceste - by Gluck
 Alchemist - by Ben Jonson
  - brief account
 alchemists - the first
 alchemy - in Asia
  - and Christianity in medieval Europe
 Alcibiades - in the circle of Socrates
  - Athenian turncoat
 Alcmaeon of Crotona - Greek biologist
 Alcock and Brown
 Alcofribas Nasier - and Rabelais
 alcohol - first known use
  - history
  - and suicide
 Alcuin - and Aachen
  - and the Carolingian script
  - brief biography
 Aldborough great basinet - and Agincourt
 Alden, John
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