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 Admiral's Cup
 Admiral's Men (actors)
 Admiralty Arch
 Adolphus Frederick - king of Sweden
 Adrian I - 8th-century pope
 Adrian IV - and the grant of Ireland to Henry II
  - brief biography
 Adrian, Edgar Douglas
  - research using EEG
 Adrian Mole (Townsend)
 Adrianople - battle in AD 378
  - falls to Ottoman Turks
 Aduwa - battle in 1896
 advocate (in Scotland)
  - and barrister
  - tour through time
 Aegina - captured by Athens in 457 BC
  - remains with Athens under Thirty Year Treaty
 Aelia Capitolina - Hadrian's Jerusalem
 Aelli - first bretwalda
 Aeneid - of Virgil
 Aerospace Museum, Albrighton
  - veteran of Marathon
 Aesthetic Movement
 Afars and Issas - French Territory
 AFC - in Niger
 affair of the placards - in 1534
 Afonso I - king of Portugal
 Afonso IV - and Inês de Castro
  - tour through time
  - in Greek map of the world
  - first sea voyage round the continent
  - and the earliest castles
 African Association - of 1788
 African Economic Community Treaty - 1991
 African Lakes Company - in Nyasaland
 African National Congress
  - in Northern Rhodesia
 Afrikaans - and literature
 Afrikaans and Afrikaners - origin
 Afrikaner Nationalist Party - from 1914
 Afrikaner Party - Botha and Smuts
 Afro-Shirazi party - in Zanzibar
 Afro-Asiatic - language group of north Africa
 Afwerki, Isaias - president of Eritrea
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