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 1922 Committee - origin
  - brief account
 Ninety-five theses - of Martin Luther
 Nineveh - Senacherib and Ashurbanipal
  - the lion hunt
  - Byzantine defeat of Persians in 627
 Ninian, St
 Ninigi - in Japanese mythology
 ninth hour - and the Crucifixion
 Nintoku - Japanese emperor
 nirvana - in Buddhism
 Nis - taken by Hunyadi in 1443
 Nissen, Peter
 Niven, David
 Nizari - Ismaili sect in Islam
 Nizip - battle in 1839
 Nizwa - and the imams of Oman
 Nkomo, Joshua
 Nkrumah, Kwame
 NME (New Musical Express)
 Noah - and the Flood
 Noah's flood - and geology
 Nobel Peace Prize - Theodore Roosevelt
  - Albert Luthuli
  - de Klerk and Mandela
 noble savage - and South Sea islanders
 'noblest prospect' (Johnson)
 Nobunaga - Japanese warlord
  - and Japanese castles
 Noddy (Blyton)
 Nofret - Egyptian princess
 Nogaret, Guillaume de - and Boniface VIII
 Noh theatre
 Noises Off (Frayn)
 Nok culture - in Nigeria
  - terracotta figures
 Nok people - in Nigeria
 Nokrashi Pasha - assassinated in 1948
 'Non Angli sed Angeli'
 Nonconformists - in England from 1662
  - brief account
 Nonjurors (after 1688)
 Nonsuch - palace of Henry VIII
  - brief account
 Nore, The
 Norfolk Broads
 Norfolk, duke of - as Earl Marshal
 Norman architecture - or Romanesque
 Norman banqueting hall - at Hedingham
 Normandy - taken in 1204 by Philip II
  - and Henry V in 1417
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