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In this illustration the levels of hell are depicted as circular stone tiers and purgatory lies outside its walls. On the tiers over which a monster presides are a labelled hierarchy of sins and sinners. The topmost is labelled ‘Idolatry' and shows broken statues including a severed female head and Hercules with no feet, clutching a staff. The second tier is marked ‘Judaei ob...' and shows a number of Jews praying or reading the Bible blindfold. The third tier depicts heretics reading books and is marked ‘Haere'. The lowest tier has 2 partitions labelled ‘Gula' (gluttony) and ‘Invidia' (envy). The former shows devils force-feeding women, one of whom is vomiting. The latter depicts devils beating naked men. On the other side of the grand wall of hell, the occupants of purgatory are divided between those being lifted out by angels and those succumbing to the flames. To the right of this cavity, a man (‘oratio') kneels behind a pope (‘indulgentia') who holds a glass before an altar (‘sacrificium'). A scene nearby shows a confession (‘elecmosyna').