©Wellcome Library, London

Albert, Prince Consort (1819-1861), died of typhoid fever on 14 December 1861. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) sits on the Prince's left. Before her kneels Princess Alice; behind her is Prince Arthur; behind him Sir Charles Phipps, the Prince's Treasurer. On the extreme right is Princess Louise. The Prince of Wales (1841-1910) holds his father's right hand. In a group on the left stand the Prince's doctors - Sir William Jenner (1815-1898), physician to the London Fever Hospital, Sir James Clark (1788-1870), Sir Henry Holland (1788-1873) and Sir Thomas Watson (1792-1882). Queen Victoria strongly disapproved of the painting and wanted to buy it in order to have it destroyed. However, the owner made it a prize in a raffle so that the Royal household would have needed to buy all the tickets to be sure of getting their hands on it. It survived and was bought by the pharmaceutical manufacturer and collector, Sir Henry Wellcome (1853-1936), in 1924.

Oil painting by Oakley under the pseudonym of Le Port.