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Illuminated Jubilee Address in Gilt Cabinet from the City of Adelaide, 1897 On 22 June 1897, Queen Victoria's carriage took her, and members of the royal family, from Buckingham Palace up Constitution Hill, to Piccadilly, Fleet Street and St. Paul's. They returned via the Mall. The procession was to mark Victoria's 60th year as monarch. Present were dignitaries from across the 'Imperial World'. It provided a clear demonstration of imperial, military and economic power.

Celebrations were also staged in places as far apart as Malta, Bombay, Calcutta, Melbourne, Sydney and Ottawa, where religious services, military reviews, firework displays and parties were organised.

The item here was sent to the Queen from the 'mayor, aldermen, councillors and citizens' of Adelaide to express their loyalty to the British throne. The day was proclaimed a holiday and in Adelaide festivities were arranged to take place over a number of days.

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