Places in History is an ongoing venture by HistoryWorld to place in geographical context the events of greatest significance or fame in world history. As yet only two continents, Africa and America, are available

A click on any placemark in the Google map will bring a popup listing chronologically the main events that have taken place there. A further link, from any event, will lead to background information on that event. Usually the link will be to the appropriate paragraph in one of the narrative histories in HistoryWorld. If the event does not yet feature in HistoryWorld, the link will go to a related article, most often in Wikipedia.

Each map also has a link to a related timeline of the region.

Places in History
in Google Maps


Latin America


   Mexico to Panama

   Ecuador, Colombia & Venezuela

   Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay & Brazil

   Chile, Argentina & Uruguay

North America


   USA Midwest

   USA North and East

   USA South

   USA West


   Central Africa

   East Africa


   North Africa

   South Africa

   West Africa